Çavuşlu Beverage’s field of activity is to carry out the storage, distribution, marketing and sales of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products produced domestically and to deal with storage, transportation, marketing and distribution works in general.

In Turkey, the drink is aimed Çavuşlu delivery of the product by creating franchises all over the country.


Our country's large business volume provides us with a solid ground for growth through the investments we have made by increasing operational efficiency.

We aim to grow strongly year by year by increasing the effectiveness of our business with more efficient sales and distribution processes and improved commercial practices. We are growing in the categories in which we do business with our expanded product portfolio, our expansion efforts to facilitate consumers ' access to our products, and our activity-based marketing activities.

Our effort to do better continues to improve our Sunday share in our country and support the increase in our sales volume.

We aim to be one of the best companies in the category in which we do business by establishing our sales and distribution network all over our country in the coming years with our sustainable way of doing business and organization.

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