Göklin beverage is located on an area of 26 thousand square meters at the foot of the Kazdaglar of the Bayramic region of Çanakkale. It is an integrated wine production facility within a total area of 1600 m2. Our facility has a capacity of 4 million liters and is produced by HAZAR, MAKRI, LEVISSI and HAZAR FEN brands using grapes from Marmara, Aegean, central Anatolia and southeastern Anatolia regions and by experts in various segments and after the necessary controls, it is carefully bottled and brought together with the consumer.

Wine is part of the culture of the ancient peoples of Anatolia and has entertained itself in the Anatolian Civilizations during an 8000-year adventure, adding color to our culture today.

For wine lovers, autumn is vintage. Our story began in 2010 when the brand named after Levissi, the ancient name of Fethiye, joined us.

The Hazar Beverage Group has decided to realize its own vintage dream for our wine friends by bringing together the mystical stories and history of the wine from the ancient world to the present with the wine brands Levissi and Makri. 

In 2017, he opened his factory in Çanakkale Bayramiç, which is the most fertile land of Turkey, by giving his own name as Caspian beverage to table wines and introduced them to our culture and presented Caspian wines to you wine lovers.

As of 2020, it has obtained the license for aromatized wine-based liquor and has started to produce liqueurs in various flavors under the MOTTO CRAFT brand.

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Çavuşlu Köyü No: 266. Bayramiç 17700 Çanakkale


0850 303 66 17

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