Makri Travel  a globally positioned, Travel and Destination Management Company established in 2018 and headquartered in Greece. Makri Travel focuses on providing client centric solutions to increase the effectiveness in the travel industry. Since inception Makri Travel has assumed a significant role in projects of national relevance, enabled by its ability to translate the most advanced concepts into the clients’ unique environments, and boasts a robust network of global experts to assist our clients accomplish their missions.

Makri Travel is established with a clear vision to support the region’s fast growing travel and tourism industry by providing world-class solutions and services. With a team of well-experienced professionals  enabled with distinctive customer focus;  we aim to become the leading provider of travel and tourism solutions in the region and be at the forefront of the steadily expanding market. Harmonizing expertise and the pursuit of excellence Makri Travel is all set to be the customers’ most preferred travel partner in the Rhodes Island.

We work with our clients to ensure we deliver what is best for their holiday model. We provide our guests Ferry Tickets,Car Rental (With our 2018 model 50 vehicle fleet), Flights, Accommodations, Transfers, Excursions (especially focused on Fethiye excurcion ), Round trips and VIP services.

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Afstralias 26, 85100 Rhodes, Greece


+30 224 130 55 82

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